Struct exar::DatabaseConfig [] [src]

pub struct DatabaseConfig {
    pub logs_path: String,
    pub index_granularity: u64,
    pub routing_strategy: RoutingStrategy,
    pub scanners: ScannersConfig,
    pub collections: BTreeMap<StringPartialCollectionConfig>,

Exar DB's configuration.


extern crate exar;

use exar::*;
use std::collections::BTreeMap;

let config = DatabaseConfig {
    logs_path: "/path/to/logs".to_owned(),
    index_granularity: 100000,
    routing_strategy: RoutingStrategy::default(),
    scanners: ScannersConfig {
        nr_of_scanners: 2,
        sleep_time_in_ms: 10
    collections: BTreeMap::new()


logs_path: String

Path to the logs directory.

index_granularity: u64

Granularity of the log lines index (used by IndexedLineReader).

routing_strategy: RoutingStrategy

Subscriptions' routing strategy.

scanners: ScannersConfig

Log scanners' configuration.

collections: BTreeMap<StringPartialCollectionConfig>

Holds collection-specific configuration overrides.


impl DatabaseConfig

fn collection_config(&self, collection_name: &str) -> CollectionConfig

Returns the configuration for a given collection by applying overrides to the base DatabaseConfig.

fn scanners_sleep_duration(&self) -> Duration

Returns the scanners sleep as an instance of Duration.

Trait Implementations

impl Decodable for DatabaseConfig

fn decode<__D: Decoder>(__arg_0: &mut __D) -> Result<DatabaseConfig, __D::Error>

impl Encodable for DatabaseConfig

fn encode<__S: Encoder>(&self, __arg_0: &mut __S) -> Result<(), __S::Error>

impl Eq for DatabaseConfig

impl PartialEq for DatabaseConfig

fn eq(&self, __arg_0: &DatabaseConfig) -> bool

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fn ne(&self, __arg_0: &DatabaseConfig) -> bool

This method tests for !=.

impl Debug for DatabaseConfig

fn fmt(&self, __arg_0: &mut Formatter) -> Result

Formats the value using the given formatter.

impl Clone for DatabaseConfig

fn clone(&self) -> DatabaseConfig

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fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)

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impl Default for DatabaseConfig

fn default() -> DatabaseConfig

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